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MailMax 5.5 email server for Windows 2000/2003/XP, is an award-winning high performance server that supports SMTP/IMAP4/POP3 protocols...more

MailMax 5.5 is packed full of features and offers superior built-in spam protection including:

Open Relay Protection (blacklists)
Bans and Blocks
Advanced Mailbox Rules
Spam Trap Account
Content Filtering

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MailMax/WEB 4.1 is an IMAP based webmail solution for MailMax 5.5 that provides seamless control from the office, home, or the road...more

A fully customizable GUI allows you to create your own corporate look and feel.

IMAP Based
View HTML Emails
Built-In Content Filtering
Built-In Shareable Calendar
Easy to Use Folder Management

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MailMax 5.5 gives you the option to add Avast! or Sophos Integrated Anti-Virus protection to your email server. Configuration is a snap and immediately provides you with the SECURITY needed to prevent email born viruses from reaching your server...more

SightMax Live Chat Software allows your business to increase sales, reduce costs and improve customer service by providing live help and live support chats with website visitors...more
  Increase Sales  Reduce Support Costs
• Proactively invite visitors to chat • Assist multiple visitors
• Co-Browse • "Push" Page
• Referrer Details • Instant Messaging
• Secure Chats • Free multi-site use


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